clever logistics Medical Thermo – Express

clever logistics Medical Thermo – Express


The time-critical and temperature-sensitive transports of coronavirus vaccines require GDP-certified refrigerated/thermal vans  for express transports across Europe.

We are already well prepared for this.

Since thermally unstable pharmaceutical products must be transported in defined temperature ranges, the use of suitable thermal vehicles is essential. We guarantee a Europe-wide, professional handling of such transports whether for small quantities or full loads, in all temperature ranges from -25° to +25°C at any time of the day or year.

Validated temperature monitoring in our vehicles guarantees manipulation-proof documentation for every transport. We will archive all temperature logs and provide print-outs of the data as required. You will also receive a copy of this data with your transport invoice as proof of the uninterrupted cold chain.




Vienna, please come: the drive für an engine starts with a truck form VIE / Vienna Airport in the direction of Luxemburg Airport (LUX). In our case, “shifting up a gear” means: faster further with the cargo ship Cargoloux, destination Atlanta (ATL). Delivery will be on the evening of September 12th finalized.

Pretty clever: as the name suggests.

ÖVZ article

AOG, RFS, OBC, SDL – or simply clever logistics!

The current issue of the Österreichische Verkehrszeitung (Austrian Transport Magazine) features an article about clever logistics GmbH.

“The benefits of our range of services lie in the simplified organisation, optimisation of the communication channels and the uniform preparation of the necessary documents.” This has made clever logistics GmbH a specialist in emergency and express logistics, with an annual turnover of around EUR 1.5 million.

E-Paper Österreichische Verkehrszeitung

London calling “AOG”!

“Initiate urgent AOG (Aircraft on Ground) transport – engine is located at London Stansted.”

Damaged engine with the tools and accessories safely and quickly loaded onto the truck and off it goes. Everything was taken which we obtained for the transport from the customer. The driver transported the express delivery from London STN to Vienna VIE.

8,200 km to Ulaanbaatar

Short month – long distance: at the end of February 2018, we received this order for a well-known beverage manufacturer: mission Mongolia. Destination Ulaanbaatar. In numbers: 2 x 400kg pallets 8,200 km, and a calculated 432 hours. After an extreme journey in frosty winter conditions on adventurous roads, driver and freight arrive punctually in Ulaanbaatar. And the 432 hours? We undercut it – 408 hours.

Against the pressure of time – Verkehrszeitung report

The professional magazine “Österreichische Verkehrszeitung” (Horvath Verlag, Spillern) reports about clever logistics GmbH under the heading “Against the pressure of time”. Clever logistics ensures that there is movement in emergency cases – the article describes extensively on 2 pages about the company that operates from Mostviertel in Lower Austria despite its manageable size. Conveniently available at all times, the personnel involved handle time-critical and particularly complicated transport orders, while other logistics providers are already wavering.


As of 19.12.2018, clever logistics GmbH was approved as a regulated agent for urgent Aircraft On Ground (AOG) air freight or Road Feeder Service (RFS) shipments by airlines to the airports.

The Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology presented clever logistics GmbH with the decision pursuant to § 2 Para. 3 Aviation Protection Act 2011 for the AT/RA/00120-01 identifier with location at Randegg. A regulated agent ensures security controls for cargo or post to ensure a simplified yet secure supply chain for air freight transport.

Truck under tarpaulin

With an excess height of 350cm and an excess width of up to 270cm, cleverlogistics transport three tripods from Vienna Schwechat Airport (VIE) to Zurich Airport (ZRH) at night.
The static-like scaffolds were required to exchange the landing gear of an aircraft, so loading required high concentration. The Goliath like transport took place on an width extendable low bed truck trailer under a tarpaulin. Everything was loaded and packed, we set off and delivered on time.
XXL – Transport completed!

AOG Emergency VIE – ALZEY

We were called again in week 15/2018 to undertake an emergency action on the plan. Immediately after the message “Aircraft on Ground” arrived at 13:26, the two experienced truck drivers were already on their way. Meanwhile, the driver data had already been successfully transmitted. At 14:01, in other words, only 35 minutes later, a first statement and photos of the lashing were sent to the customer. The team’s professionalism and efficient way of working enabled us to receive the confirmation at 3:23 pm: “Engine” loaded, pickedup and on the way to ALZEY. 12 hours later we arrived at our destination. AOG emergency logistics successfully completed.

Vienna Calling!

Everything proceeds quickly and easily with us. At around 9 am on 26 February 2019, we received an urgent message that an engine needs to be loaded. At 10 am, the team already had been issued with the information about the type of engine. Just two hours later, the appropriate truck is parked in the hangar and the complex loading is proceeding. After approval by our client and the complicated documentation, it travels with a driver and an auxiliary driver to Hamburg and 18 hours later, we have arrived safely.